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This Week I Learned!

Record your best ideas with video

* Share best practices
* Document common procedures
* Learn from your peers
Create new Twil videos right from your smartphoneCreate new Twil videos right from your smartphone

Learn… share… teach

* Create new Twil videos right from your smartphone
* Upload and share videos anytime... anywhere
* Collaborate with your team

Discover TWIL


TWIL is a mobile app that is simple to use.  Your team can share videos, learn from one another and show off how much they know.  TWIL is the easiest way to learn, collaborate and share.  Video snippets are the best way to reach your newest team members for learning, knowledge sharing and reinforcement.  TWIL isn’t Youtube or Google – its for the information about YOUR team – YOUR products – YOUR services and YOUR best practices.   Explore what TWIL can do:

TWILs & Playlists

TWILs are videos, documents, or courses.  Playlists let you string multiple TWILs together.

Secure & Private

TWIL is for your team’s information – Each organization is private and secure.

Simple Pricing

Get started now – get started for FREE.


Use approvals to control when user generated content goes live.


Collaborate with the team by commenting and voting on TWILs.


Get notified when there are new Announcements, TWILs and Comments.


Highlight the TWILs you want to watch or watch again.


Belong to multiple groups?  TWIL lets you take control of who you TWIL with.  Public Groups showcase valuable content for all users.

Professional Learning Content

Need content?  License professional content from one of our partners.

Dashboards & Reports

Visual dashboards and detailed reports provide up to date progress to administrators and users.

Quizzes, Polls, & Surveys

Assess knowledge and gather valuable feeback.

Take a look at a few

Use Cases

TWIL is perfect for any team in any business. 

See how others are using TWIL today.  How will you use TWIL?


  • K-12, Non Profit,
    Higher Ed
    (up to 25 users)
  • Monthly Cost per User
  • Storage
  • K-12, Non Profit,
    Higher Ed
    (up to 25 users)
  • Free
  • 100GB
  • K-12, Non Profit,
    Higher Education
    (25+ users)
  • $2
  • 250GB
    Small Teams
    (up to 3 users)
  • Free
  • 100GB
    Larger Teams
    (4+ users)
  • $3
  • 250GB
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