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Corporate Learning Disruptions

Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte recently published “Watch Out, Corporate Learning: Here Comes Disruption” in Forbes which identifies a trend of major organizations moving away from traditional Learning Management Systems (LMSs).  These organizations are investing in a suite of new tools and technologies to help their employees and associates learn.    Josh points out that […]

The Science of Learning

We just read a great post in ELearning magazine – The Science of Learning: Forgetting- The Great Training Robbery.  Written by BizLibrary’s CEO, the article highlights why learning is best delivered in bite-sized chunks and available over time.  Delivering training in this fashion increases retention and maximizes the ROI you have in your learning infrastructure […]

Don’t ignore Sales Training in your quest to implement Sales Enablement

The sales enablement market is expected to grow to $5 Billion (US) by 2021 according to research published by Aragon Research. As more platforms become available from providers such as Clearslide, Brainshark, Hubspot, QStream and the like, organizations are investing heavily in process and technologies to allow their reps to accelerate pipeline growth, shorten the […]

TWIL is highlighted in the Boston Business Journal with Suffolk University

We’ve been thrilled to be working with the MBA class at Suffolk University titled “Leading and Implementing Change.” This final course in the MBA curriculum ties together the integral components of the four industry clusters, strategy and business fundamentals to the experience of leading change. Students experience the change process personally through a simulation. Students […]

Congrats to our partner Vado for their 2016 Excellence Awards presented by ELearning! Magazine

Vado, Inc. is honored to announce they received two 2016 Excellence Awards presented by ELearning! Magazine. The Vado Leadership Development Learning Track has received the Best of 2016 Excellence Award presented for two years running. In addition, Vado’s Management Developopment Learning Track won the Excellence award. The award recognizes best-in-class corporate learning and technology solutions. […]

New in TWIL – Dashboards, Approvals and More!

The TWIL team has been rapidly enhancing the platform based upon customer feedback. • Group administrators now can control whether new TWILs are automatically posted, or need to be approved by an administrator. The approval workflow lets you review TWILs before they go live and have a dialog with the author if changes are required. […]

Mzinga will be Showcasing TWIL at DevLearn

Make sure you come by booth 130 to trial TWIL.  Additionally we’ll be one of the xAPIstops for the xAPIgo game with Watershed.  We’ll have an easy way for all to join the DevLearn TWIL group, interact with some learning content, and then see you activity on the Watershed LRS.  Join us in Vegas!

Adopting Video Learning – By Dr. Michael Moon

The primary learning modality in many organizations has shifted from a one-to-one learning experience which traditionally has relied heavily on classroom training and static e-learning content to a many-to-many model where learning is social and collaborative. And where the focus of learning has expanded to beyond the individual to the include the community where learning […]

Recording now Available: Adopting Video Learning – And Why It Matters – A webinar with Dr. Michael Moon

You may have missed the webinar, but the recording is now available.   Webinar Description: Learning from other people has long been recognized as an important way to familiarize newcomers to an organization but colleagues and peer groups are significant sources for learning in every phase of the employee lifecycle.  Video-enabled learning can help support […]