Don’t ignore Sales Training in your quest to implement Sales Enablement

The sales enablement market is expected to grow to $5 Billion (US) by 2021 according to research published by Aragon Research. As more platforms become available from providers such as Clearslide, Brainshark, Hubspot, QStream and the like, organizations are investing heavily in process and technologies to allow their reps to accelerate pipeline growth, shorten the sales cycle, and work more collaboratively with Marketing through Account Based Marketing strategies.
Regardless of the platforms being deployed, most organizations are not evolving their sales training and support strategies to be effective. The fundamentals never change. People have short attention spans. Skill & knowledge mastery takes time. Skills erode quickly if not used. Bad habits are reinforced if not corrected. Mentoring, coaching and peer learning are always needed. However less than 10% of sales organizations feel they have a robust and complete sales training program in place.
Mzinga has long been a believer that properly trained and supported sales reps deliver more revenue quicker. We’ve recently rolled out a new platform named TWIL, short for This Week I Learned, which provides a simple to use and easy to implement mobile-first video learning platform for sales teams to succeed.

Unlike other platforms, TWIL can be quickly implemented in minutes, not months. You can Try TWIL For Free or learn more at