twil-announceWhat’s new in TWIL?

The latest release of TWIL has some great new functionality!  Check out the following in the app and TWIL web interface.

  • Numerous Workflow Improvements – based on your user input.
  • Detailed Reporting – covering all aspects of TWIL usage.
  • New Home Screen Layout – makes it easier to see relevant activities.
  • Spotlight TWIL – you can choose to highlight a TWIL that everyone in the group sees at the top of their homepage.
  • Social Sharing – members can share links to TWILs out to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  This can be turned off by the administrator.
  • Activity Stream – every user can see a summary of recent activity on their homepage.
  • Threaded Comments – TWIL comments can now be threaded/nested
  • Shortcut Menu to Dashboards – a popout menu allows one-click access to the administrator and member dashboards.

Check here often for information about new features, demonstrations, upcoming releases, and other updates.