TWIL is highlighted in the Boston Business Journal with Suffolk University

Three Suffolk University MBA students visit the office of Mzinga, a Burlington-based learning technology company, an example of the shift toward experiential learning at the school’s MBA program. The students are helping Mzinga market a product toward a new customer base: sales professionals. They will be meeting with Mzinga executives at least four times this semester.

We’ve been thrilled to be working with the MBA class at Suffolk University titled “Leading and Implementing Change.”

This final course in the MBA curriculum ties together the integral components of the four industry clusters, strategy and business fundamentals to the experience of leading change. Students experience the change process personally through a simulation. Students then apply their learning to an applied project based in one of the four clusters that is team-based, client-focused, grounded in research, and integrates MBA concepts with a final presentation to a client. As part of understanding change, students also evaluate the wider societal impacts of the business change. Finally, students reflect on their MBA program in total, revisiting their career plan and vision. This course uses multiple approaches, defining, understanding and experiencing the strategic value of change at the organizational, team, and individual levels.

The class was selected to be showcased in this week’s Boston Business Journal (the BBJ) as the cover story.  Check out the article here.

Congrats to the students for this recognition, and in their future endeavors.

Congrats to our partner Vado for their 2016 Excellence Awards presented by ELearning! Magazine

Vado, Inc. is honored to announce they received two 2016 Excellence Awards presented by ELearning! Magazine. The Vado Leadership Development Learning Track has received the Best of 2016 Excellence Award presented for two years running. In addition, Vado’s Management Developopment Learning Track won the Excellence award. The award recognizes best-in-class corporate learning and technology solutions.

Celebrating 12 years, the Best of Elearning! Awards follow a unique, open nomination format where winners are nominated and chosen exclusively by users. The only requirement is that voters must be professionals who have used the eLearning products and services they nominate.

Since 2004, over 25,000 eLearning professionals have participated in the awards nomination process. 2016 Best of Elearning! participants had the option to vote for their favorite off the shelf e-learning courses and learning technology solutions across 30 different categories. Vado’s Leadership Development Learning Track received the Excellence Award in their “Best Leadership Development” category two years in a row. Vado’s Management Development Learning Track received the Excellence Award in their “Best Employee Soft Skills” category.

“This award is extra special to us because it expresses appreciation from our clients who have experience working with Vado and our unique instructional design that is changing the face of learning.” — Cindy Pascale, CEO, Vado, Inc.

Vado is changing the face of learning with micro-learning courses followed by step by step instructions on how to apply the course on the job where 70% of development happens. “We are honored to receive the Excellence Award in the 2016 Best of Elearning!. We view this award as recognition of our instructional design, which all 370+ of our courses follow” says Cindy Pascale, CEO, Vado, Inc. “We thank everyone who nominated us and Elearning! Magazine for creating an exceptional program that puts the voice of the customer first.”

The awards announcement will be published in the December 2016 issue of Elearning! Magazine.  A Best of Elearning! Awards ceremony will be held at the 2016 Enterprise Learning! Conference. To learn more, visit

New in TWIL – Dashboards, Approvals and More!

The TWIL team has been rapidly enhancing the platform based upon customer feedback.
• Group administrators now can control whether new TWILs are automatically posted, or need to be approved by an administrator. The approval workflow lets you review TWILs before they go live and have a dialog with the author if changes are required.
Surveys are now available in three flavors: Opinion Polls, Scored Quizzes and Weighted Feedback Surveys. Surveys let you assess knowledge, ensure compliance, and gather valuable feedback. Survey reports present consolidated completion and score information.
• Graphical Dashboards for administrators highlight TWIL and Member activity & engagement, while Member Dashboards show individual progress, activity and peer input.

Many new additional capabilities are on the roadmap. If you haven’t used TWIL is a while, make sure to check out the latest. If you’re new to TWIL – Try out a free trial now.